by Pariah

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Hardcore from Wollongong, NSW


released March 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Hombre Records Australia

In a time where hardcore is dominated by image & trends Hombre strives to bring you hardworking, honest DIY music from all over Australia.

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Track Name: Snake
I called you brother, a friend like no other
I trusted you and I took your advice
But when it came to the crunch,
you showed me
you showed me your true heart of ice

You lost all rights to call me a friend
And it breaks my heart, that this has to end
But thats just the truth, you know it couldn't go on
You chose her over me
This unitys gone

I can't decide if you're a snake or a pig
You went behind my back just to fulfill your greed
There's no words for you, for what you've done
You're still fucked in the end
Don't think that you've won

You've got the snake eyes
Track Name: Brood
Pull the carpet out from under my feet
Stand up by yourself as you watch me sink
You have no reason left to let me down
But its the only thing I think about

All I need is something to look forward to.
But at the end of the day all I do is brood
Losing touch with the me I worked so hard on
Its clear it's a problem

I know I shouldn't but I dream about you
It's what I do to keep me through
Those dark nights when I feel so alone
And in your arms I feel so at home

But I know thats not how it goes
Its no secret that I'm full of holes
I try and search myself for a sign.
No words are needed I just act fine

So I control it, these tears they don't slip
My pride is a big part of it
It hurts me to know that you're happy
Cause I know you're the one that snapped me

I cut the cobwebs away from my eyes.
Please cut me open cause I'm ready to die,
I'll only ever just waste my life, waiting for someone to make it right

Could it be theres nothing left, ive discovered a sense of self, but now I feel so second rate. How can my life revolve around hate?
Track Name: Unbreakable
It won't stop no matter what you do, but trust in me and i'll trust in you.
You set off a bomb, you have me trapped, stop fucking around, and give myself back

I'm unbreakable and won't be tainted
This heart of gold, can't be taken.
You won't stop me you've been mistaken
I'm unbreakable.

You've opened my door, now this room is black, stop fucking around give myself back
I think i see blood, all these shades of red, give it back, get out of my head.

I'm unbreakable and won't be tainted,
this heart of gold can't be taken,
you won't stop me you've been mistaken.
I'm unbreakable.
Track Name: Two Faces
You've got two faces
Motherfucker you're gonna get wasted
Lie to me, fucking cheat
Watch your back cause I'm bring the heat. x2

Don't show my face,
To save you from a sour taste
I wanna feel your skin on mine
And taste your flesh divine.
Won't see me lurk tonight
Won't get a chance to fight
I've thought about you before
Lying in blood on the floor

You've got two faces
Motherfucker you're gonna get wasted
Lie to me, fucking cheat
Watch your back cause I'm bring the heat. x2

In the back right behind the car
I've got my knife and i've got my plan
When he goes to make his move
I'll put a knife in you.

You're just two faced x4

You've got two faces x4