An Empty Place

by Pariah

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released August 15, 2015

Recorded at Short Studios
Mastered by Mark Williamson at Keywork Audio



all rights reserved


Hombre Records Australia

In a time where hardcore is dominated by image & trends Hombre strives to bring you hardworking, honest DIY music from all over Australia.

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Track Name: Bury It
I’m not my own and I’ll never be
And this is why I’ll forever be
No matter what you desire
I will forever be the pariah

I painted you with colours I desire
Till your picture set my mind afire.
But I never wanted this
And you said you’d bury it
So I guess that makes you a liar

I felt something that I had to prove
And yeah I thought that you felt it too
But that just aint my jam
And I’m a much more simple man

I fall in love with girls I don’t know
I wish I didn't but my mind Is slow
It’s not the sort of thing
True love’s supposed to bring
Look out for you and I’ll look out for me

I filled you up with things I adore
And I hung your picture on the wall
But you were far too bright
And you keep me up at night
When sleep is all I want to do
Oh what’s a man to do
Bury It
Oh what’s a man to do
I thought you felt it too
Bury It
Track Name: Grace
Death is one I loathe
With my fingers around her throat
She whispers nothings into my ear
I stay strong, I swallow my fear

Death is the enemy
But she still brings me home
She calls for me and for me only
The devils kiss is never lonely

The enemy drowns me
I can feel it, in my lungs
The enemy surrounds me
I can taste her on my tongue

This is the bed I made
I tear my sheets in shame
I saw the face of grace
But I prefer disdain

She digs her nails in
I taste her perfect skin
I let her cut my flesh
So I don’t feel worthless

This is the bed I made
I tear my sheets in shame
I saw the face of grace
Its in an empty Place
Track Name: Sink or Swim (Feat. Kevin Todd of Skylerwhite)
Closed minded
Spit in the face of a king
One sided
Is just the way for me
Fight back
No mercy for the weak
Bite hard
Never accept defeat

And I wont turn my other cheek
Till you learn to walk how you speak

Do you sink or do you swim
Do you end what you begin

I keep my eyes forward
I keep my chin up
But that’s just not enough
You gotta struggle
You got to fight
You see the hand
You got to bite
Track Name: Disassociate
Its my fucking nightmare
To have no self-control
I don’t know why you’d want to
Spend a night in that hole

Disassociate with the world
Yeah I know you’re not like other girls
You keep on telling me, it’s hard to believe
That you could be so damn unique

You reject the reality
Drown it out in the underground
But what does it really mean?
To have a life that feels like a dream?

And its like a fucking nightmare
To have no self-control
I don’t know why you’d want to
Spend a night in that hole

I separate myself
To go against the grain
I regulate myself
I couldn't live like you do

You put your hand over your tired face
You haven’t slept and its half past eight
You don’t think about the life you weave
But at least you were the midnight queen

You decay in your nocturnal state
How do you stand with that much weight
Trying to breathe but the air is thick
You dug the hole, now seal the brick
Track Name: Dead Bears
Distance makes the heart grow fonder
But I can't be alone much longer
I said I won't let anxiety take me
But it was the silence to break me

I waited out at the end of my rope
I told myself I'd hold onto my hope
But I should have let myself go
You didn't tell me so how could I know

That's just the way that society makes me,
unkempt, uncultured so my demons can take me
At least they know the road I lead,
Robbed of a story living life on their knees

I know I wasn't always this way
The good things rot, the negative stays
I try and force myself into remission
But my mind is like a fucking prison

My demons bait me,
they're waiting for a slip up
I hear them coming, so my feet I pick up
My fears are what puts me in motion
But I can't stop all these fucking emotions

I blame you for the red that I see
I blame you for the dead part of me
I blame you for the black in my soul
This fucking evil that I cannot control