Life Trap

by Overpower

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"Life Trap" created at Studio Gradge Jan-Mar 2015.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by A. Zuccon.


released May 28, 2015

Michael McCracken Wilson - vocals.
Heath Kongas - guitar.
Dave McCarthy - bass.
Bage - drums and lead guitar.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Spiralling To Hell
Forget me, no one cares, no one hears my words.
No one listens when I talk, no one gives a shit how I feel.
I'm at war with myself, with no relief but sleep.
Sick of running away, waking up everyday with this black cloud over me.

Drowning me and leaving me to the cold.
There's no place I could ever go.
Where I could feel comfortable enough to call it my home.

Left alone, I'm all by myself

I'm in hell.
Too much to handle, replace me just like everybody else.
Toss me aside and leave me to rot in hell.

Rot in hell
Track Name: Overpowered
This world wants everything and I can no longer give it anything.
It never stops, these ten thousand fucking thoughts.
But you'll never see me live a life, where I remain silent.
I am resistance, you'll never keep me quiet.
Fuck this world

For all the pain that you've caused.
For all people you forgot.
And the ones you never gave a chance.

From the day that you're born, they take your voice.
Shaped into something that they can control.
Don't ask questions, don't break the mould.
Just do your fucking job and do what you're told.

These expectations, never discussed.
This world has shown me nothing but hate.
I wish I could be like most and ignore it.
But I'm overpowered and overloaded.

How long can I do this?
My brain in a rut.
My foundations fall apart, nobody gives a fuck.
How will I get back up?
Who will help me up?
I know it won't be you.
You're too focused on the shit that doesn't matter.
You know it doesn't fucking matter.

We must work together to make a change.
Before I lose all hope and blow out my brains.
Or get my rope 'cause I can't cope.
I can't breathe, I can't hope, I can't breathe, I can't cope.

It's them versus me, it's all just fucked.
Fuck this world, I can only take so much.
Where do I go from here?

Help me.
Track Name: King Cold
The powers of this world, always trying to control.
Make you do what they've thought out in their evil little minds.

Manipulation, taken advantage of, they don't give a fuck.
Money is all that they want, its the ultimate power.
It makes me so angry, how it's used for bribery and slavery.
Bribery and Slavery.
We could use it for good.
But greed has corrupted the hearts of so many in this world.

Companies and corporations, enslaving millions for a global trade.
No care for rights, terribly underpaid, forced in like mice.
With no one to stop them, to make them pay the price.
Forced to work till' their fingers bleed.
And still they can't afford anything.

And just like you they've got loved ones at home.
A family to feed, put yourself in their shoes, is this a true way of living?
Ask yourself, while you sit in your office, and they suffer this purgatory.

You think you're god, but soon you'll know.
The pain you've caused to the people you owe.
You are the king of the cold.
The blood in your veins is below subzero.

You are the king of the cold.
You make life for these people unbearable.
There will come a day where you reap what you sow.
You're gonna reap what you sow.

Your debts to humanity will be paid.
When you lie dead and those you hurt spit on your grave.