Hurt to Learn

by Staunch

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released August 26, 2014

A. Bird
L. Armstrong
M. Whaley
W. Larsson



all rights reserved


Hombre Records Australia

In a time where hardcore is dominated by image & trends Hombre strives to bring you hardworking, honest DIY music from all over Australia.

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Track Name: Time
How come good things always turn to shit
Nothing lasts forever, no happy endings
You can point the finger or raise the fist
Or take it on the chin cause it's the way it is

You can lament on love lost
The things gone wrong
Or you can just move on
Play the card, woe is me
Or find it in yourself to fucking dig deep

But whats the point, is it all pointless?
Whose gonna love me when I die?

So I guess the best we can hope for is to leave at the peak of our rise
To avoid the lows

Time is on your side
Now isn't that a fucking lie
Track Name: Sink
sink back into the scum

bent over backwards for you
to have you throw it in my face
retribution for my rage
then we went our ways

you lifted your head like you had something to prove
a snake can shed its skin but not the truth
you've forced yourself to believe your lies
i hope you choke when you swallow your pride

forked tongue
spineless worm
keep on saying its not your fault

why try to swim when you've already drowned?
you refuse to sink, well I hold you down
learn your fucking place, bite your fucking tongue
and sink your way back into the scum

you'll find your security
hidden in obscurity
your small victory
has defeated you
Track Name: Gaoled
Deny the truth, Ride the excuse
Every lie is salt in the wounds
We all know you got to get by
But those methods will leave you high & dry

How long can I do this for?
Feeling like there's nothing more

Torpid state, can't relate
apathetic, life's mundane
Just another day of feeling drained
Shaped you, now your chained

But if it doesn't matter to you it doesn't matter to me
We both got different views on how actions speak
I could waste my breath, trying to make sense
But the rest is best left unsaid

Twenty one that's when I thought
What's the point if joy can't be bought
You said it was a foolish dream
That's when I realised you're not like me

Dollar signs blind your eyes
Oblivious to own demise
You're a slave but don't realise
Gaoled by the coin for the rest of your life
Track Name: Repress
We all make mistakes we try to cover up
Little white lies justified at the time
You'll tell yourself just about anything
To help you sleep, to get you out of bed
To get you by
Get out of my head

Just relax, catch your breathing
We all deny, it's a part of grieving
It's a part of healing
It's a part of living

I deserve everything I get,
And so do you

Life has funny ways of making you pay for your pride
Take those feelings hide 'em deep inside
Swallow it, bite by fucking bite
And never ever let it out

I wish
I had the restraint
And the strength to just say no
But I've fucked up
And I will fuck up again

I've made my mistakes
Ended on my own
But I make the same again
It's all I'll ever know

The will is strong
The flesh is weak
Track Name: Hurt to Learn
The price we pay for mistakes
That day to day we have to face
Issues adding up, man I've had enough
I've fucking had it up to (HERE) How much can I take before I break?

When I reflect I don't regret
Cause each wounds a lesson I won't forget
Bridges & fingers burnt
As we grow we hurt to learn

We all make choices
That we have to live with
And everyday
It's out to get you

Suck me dry the world's a leech
Pierce my eye I'm pulling teeth
Crack my skull so you can see
I hope the ends justify the means

That's when it hit me
oh so quickly
Caught in life's stranglehold
punch-drunk from blunt force
Let the pain take it's toll

Luck will end, cut to shreds
Young & dumb, not prepared
But it's not like I didn't care
I was young & dumb and not prepared