Ambient Activity

by Easy Life

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Tracked, Mixed, Mastered by Mark Williamson of Keywork Audio



released February 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Hombre Records Australia

In a time where hardcore is dominated by image & trends Hombre strives to bring you hardworking, honest DIY music from all over Australia.

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Track Name: Absolute Freedom
I am the true enemy
The clock ticking on twelve
The bruised bark
Never allied
No light to confide
I am the bars, I am the lock and the key
Aged with monochrome
I am the foreign one
Ambient Activity

Seeing circles, everlasting
Turning to the sun with the day's passing
Never again, break the fall
I can't see through the fourth wall
heavy with the cost of warmth
The burden of some the same
But I jumped off the cliff
And here I am again

I am the foreign one
Ambient Activity

You can hear the 4am in my voice
The tidal drip of curtained words
Never knowing, soul's fleeting
No more barriers, no more feeling
Track Name: Close To Burning
I was told it was a clean slate
All I saw were the waterfronts
My feet against the concrete
And the walls as blind as me
I saw a wedding I saw white and black
I saw a hospital I saw blue and black

I saw the gnashing of teeth
I saw a body sold for free

But she was mine and you stole it
Come home I said come home
Tanning skin in the naked sun
My burnt Eyelids Can't be undone

You were done
He was yours
You fucking felt it
On your tongue
When you said you wouldn't go
He inhaled the last of his smoke

(Jack R Reilly)
We're all monsters stitched together
Made from everything we've seen
The road is long and lined with spectres
Close to burning, I'm unclean
Track Name: Still Monday
I’m starting my Thursday, like any other Monday
And by the fourth time, I’m spent
A jaded four/four time signature
But I keep falling out of time

But I’m perfectly okay
With leaving thirty-three pink balloons
Voices in choir, I can’t refuse

I’m happy, I’ve been sent to fall
To the depths of a selfless hell
Where my weekend becomes my world
And the bottle caps are the thorns

I’m perfectly okay
But I still don’t like Monday

Fuck your love
Track Name: Bird
Spitting an orange refrain
The gradient reminds me of pain
Littered with the dirge of divide
And the glory of what was to remind
The feet to be washed
While the remnants play
Love songs to keep the cloaks at bay
Black and white like my favourite bird

Sinking in the skin of a memory
Tangled in a bed that runs
Winter colours and temporary brothers
The sound drowned out the chords of the mothers

Blankets of night
She said, "say it one more time"
Suffer every word again
Bleeding through the grip
Still left and stripped so bare
I'm neither here nor there

So the morning would fade away
And the cottoned eyelids would not fray
Drinking from the sea of the stars
Seven lifetimes to digest in ours

And of the walls I painted into rooms
I only want the cell under the moon
Apart of me is still in that tone
Pigments like the moss on my heart of stone